Matematika- Math Program

Learning is about making connections and not just calculations. At ‘Matematika’, we teach them how to become a mathematical thinker and not just a calculator. Math is indeed the most beautiful language of the universe, so come, explore and enhance your mathematical dexterity... In the changing scenario of the education system, today, competitive exams play a vital role in a student’s academic progress. Proficiency and fluency in any subject influences the personality of a person to a great extent.

Matematika imparts knowledge to the students in the field of Mathematics. It guides the students of grade sr kg to 7th for the various competitive examinations for mathematics. The highlights of these Exams are as follows

These exams include the subjects of Mathematics and Logical Reasoning These exams are designed for students from 1st standard to 10th standard Each subject-paper has multiple choice questions to be answered on an OMR answer sheet Books for the syllabus are provided by us.

Our basic approach is to impart knowledge to the fullest and make students confident.

Our Aim is:

  • To Create Love and Zest for learning
  • To Help Students prepare for various competitive exams
  • To Help Students develop their confidence
  • To Test the Students and make them compete with their own self

Some prominent benefits of Olympiad Exams for a student are:

Improves the students' problem solving ability and challenges them to think analytically. Prepares them for future competitive exams by testing a student's aptitude as well as the knowledge of a particular subject.

What are Olympiad exams?

Olympiad exams or Olympiads are the means for students to compete with other students on a similar educational level. Such exams promote the learning of skills in subjects like mathematics, science, computer technology or English language among students.

Is math Olympiad good?

Becoming good in math Olympiad type of problems almost automatically gives you a better and deeper understanding of the school mathematics in general. ... Solving a lot of math olympiad problems gives you a skill and experience for solving non-standard problems, where you most definitely have to think outside the box.

What is the benefit of IMO?

Participating and preparing for exams like NSTSE, NTSE, JSTSE, NSO, IMO helps in development of student's IQ, Logical and Analytical thinking from a very young age which helps in later stages when they prepare for JEE, NEET and other competitive exams.

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