Fonts are always evolving and are an art form that pertains to every aspect of designing, or marketing.

We facilitate our students to express their creativity with font’s styles. Kids practice over 36 fonts to shape up their perspective. We train them sufficiently so that they can go ahead and develop their own fonts. We are no just limited to decorative font, up keeping with the trend of print media we have separate course of practical fonts that are much used in the print media. 


Balloon Font

This rounded Child friendly font is so vibrant, it can be used in celebratory events theme and its fun to play around with colours and themes of balloons to give is a 3-D feeling to it

Ice Font

This font is suited for the Dark colors to bring out the cost feeling of warmth the font has rounded edges and is perfect for winter festival like Hanukkah and Christmas

Cactus Font

This is another one of our nature inspired that has a Zen like appeal to it and is perfect for many occasions. It carries a summer centered theme, and goes well with the Bright color

Polka Dots Font

Classic Style of polka Dots is revisited in the font style that we impart to our students and so that the tradition lives but with a new- age theme to it. These fonts are versatile and can be used anywhere from birthday invitations to banners

Watermelon Font

 This summer centered font is prefect for both bright and dark colors, this beautiful font can be used to ensure that you give the readers a fresh cool breath amidst the scorching summer days

Pineapple Font

The font that is inspired from the nature and has its own particular nuance to it.

Mickey Mouse Font

Mickey Ears is another font that mimics the lettering and the main difference is that each letter is put inside the silhouette of the head and ears of Mickey Mouse.